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Focus On What You Want. Not On What You Don't.

"As long as you are more aware of what you do not want regarding a situation, what you do want cannot come to you." - Abraham-Hicks

Becoming aware of the power of my thoughts and my intentions changed my life. The concept of the power of intention, also known as the Law of Attraction, is simple—your thoughts are a form of energy and materialize into your reality. Basically, your thoughts become things. But, while the concept is simple, harnessing the power of intention is not always so.

Where do you start? It's actually quite simple. Thousands of years ago, Matthew provided very clear guidance in the New Testament when he wrote, "Ask and it will be given to you."

Whether you are religious or not, these words are instructive. The universe delivers to you what you ask for and what you believe will come to you. Pretty awesome, huh? Except there's a downside. If you focus on what you don't want, if you focus on the lack of what you desire, the universe will deliver to you more of that lack, more of what you don't want. It was a hard concept for me at first, but then I realized that the universal laws are not subjective. In other words, the universe does not listen to your requests and then weigh whether that request would be good or bad for your life. Instead, universal laws are more objective than you might think. The power of intention is more like the law of gravity—it follows a rule, but it doesn't judge.

So what does this mean for you?  Just focus on what you want, not on what you don't.  If you want a lasting and loving relationship, ask for it.  Don't focus on the fact that you are alone. If you want to be in incredible physical shape and good health, ask for it.  Don't put your energy into your unhappiness with your current shape or health. If you want financial prosperity, ask for abundance instead of focusing on debt. I could give many more examples, but for now, I just wanted you to understand the power of this pretty simple concept.  For many of us, focusing on the negative, focusing on what you lack, is just a habit—a habit you need to kick.

When you focus on what you want and couple that with the emotion of feeling how you will feel when you have it—you are unstoppable!

Try this simple visualization exercise:

  1. Get Grounded. First, get grounded in the moment. Quiet your mind chatter. Maybe try this simple 5-4-3-2-1 exercise to ground yourself. Wherever you are, stop. In your head, simply state five things that you SEE. For example, I see a brown linen lampshade. Then, in your head, state four things that you feel. For instance, I feel my heart beating, or I feel a cool breeze on my face. Then, three things that you hear. Two things that you smell. And, finally, one thing that you taste. This technique will get you grounded in your five senses and tune you into the present.
  2. Music. Next, pick a song that inspires you and press play. I like “August’s Rhapsody” from the August Rush Soundtrack.
  3. Close your eyes & visualize. And, for the entire duration of the song visualize yourself with the things, people, places, feelings, etc. that you desire. Picture the things you want in detail as if you already have them. Notice how it makes you feel to have these desires already.
  4. When the song ends, stop.
  5. Now, the hardest part, in my opinion, let go and trust the universe to deliver those desires!

Repeat this exercise a few times a week. This method has worked extremely well for me! A visualization exercise with feeling and emotion fueling it. Try it and let me know what you think!

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