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There's More Than One. 18 Universal Laws Explained.

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think we become." -Buddha

Maybe you've stumbled across my site because you are interested in the law of attraction or you have used the law of attraction in your life but want to go further.

When I talk to people about my experience with the law of attraction, they get excited but they often ask me, "where does it stop?" or "why isn't everyone doing this if it's so easy?"  Maybe they even try it for themselves.  Maybe they are even successful at manifesting certain desires into their lives.  But then, it happens.  A thing or person or feeling you ask for just does not seem to show up.  You may try to believe and try to stay patient but as time goes by nothing seems to happen.  For some, this may just be a small setback on a long road to harnessing the power of attraction.  But for others, failing to manifest your desires once or even a few times may cause you to stop believing.  Perhaps even make you think you knew this was too good to be true.  So, it's crucial that you understand a very important aspect to the law of attraction--It's not the only law!

That's right, there are others! And the law of attraction works in unison with all of the other Universal Laws.  So you can't master one without the others.  Just as your physical life is governed by physical laws such as the law of gravity and the law of motion, your spiritual life is governed by these Universal Laws. Using all of the universal laws in your life is key to building a life of your dreams. 

So (drum roll) here they are--the 18 Universal Laws:

    1. Law of Oneness. We are all one, everything is connected by the same universal energy. When you invest in getting off auto-pilot and designing your dream life, you are affecting the collective. When you improve yourself, you improve the collective. 
    2. Law of Vibration. Everything has a vibration, so be aware of the vibration you are sending out to the universe. The higher your vibration the more powerful your power of intention.  So, be happy now, it's worth it! Make sure to match your vibration to what you want. 
    3. Law of Attraction. You attract into your life what you are offering vibrationally. You attract that which you think about and that which you are.
    4. Law of Allowing.  Allow things to move in and out of your life naturally.  Completely opposite to society's belief in controlling your life and controlling your destiny, this is one of the hardest laws for some to learn and master.
    5. Law of Resisting. "What you resist persists." Resistance usually comes from a place of fear. Instead of resisting fear and denying it, acknowledge its presence and work through it. 
    6. Law of Detachment.  (This one's hard) Maintain a certain amount of detachment to what it is you desire.  Ask for it, let go, and trust that the universe will deliver. Learning to give up your attachment to the outcome is a critical step in becoming a master at manifesting your dream life. Detachment is trust. Attachment is distrust and fear. You can read more about this law in my post "The Hardest Part is Letting Go."
    7. Law of Abundance.  There is more than enough of what you desire in the universe, nothing is limited.  There is a limitless amount of wealth, love, energy (whatever it is you desire) in the universe, so no need to fear that you need to get it while you still can or need to take it from others.
    8. Law of Intention.  Universal energy can and will be directed by your intention.  Your mind, your thoughts, and your thought patterns dictate your reality.
    9. Law of ActionInspired action must be taken in order to result in manifestation. Thoughts + Actions = Law of Attraction. 
    10. Law of Cause and Effect. (aka Newton's third law)  Every action has a reaction.
    11. Law of Pure Potential. The possibilities of what you can become and make in your life are not limited in any way, shape or form.
    12. Law of Rhythm. All things in the universe have an ebb and flow.
    13. Law of Polarity. Everything has an opposite. Complimentary opposites help maintain a universal balance.
    14. Law of Relativity. Challenges and tests in life are necessary in order to grow and evolve. Want to dig deeper, read my post "Who Knows What's Good or Bad."
    15. Law of Dharma.  Everything is created with a purpose so it is important to know yours and to live your passion.
    16. Law of Gratitude.  You must give in order to receive.  In fact, giving creates the space in your life for your desires to manifest.  You can not manifest your desires unless you are grateful for what you have and are giving of yourself.
    17. Law of Love.  Universal energy is strongest when it is powered by love.  Loving yourself and others is a key component to manifesting your desires.
    18. Law of Correspondence. Your outer world is nothing more than a reflection of your inner world – as within, so without. Our current reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us.

So you may feel overwhelmed, like you're drinking from a firehose.  But don't worry.  I felt that way too.  In fact, I was kind of surprised that for most of my life I had never heard of these Universal Laws.  Sure, we all know about love and gratitude and may understand some of these laws in isolation. But I had no idea that life would become so much easier for me when I tuned-in and synched-up with these Universal Laws.  I will spend a lot more time on these, but for now I wanted you to see the big picture so that you are one (or eighteen) steps closer to creating the life of your dreams.



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